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The Finnish nature, forests and landscapes were a great inspiration for Jean Sibelius. Besides the them, he drew inspiration for his compositions from the Finnish folklore, Kalevala. Sibelius’ circle of friends consisted of many well-known artists searching for inspiration, like Sibelius, from Kalevala’s birthplace, Eastern Finland, and Karelia. “I was more affected by other arts rather than music made by others,” as Sibelius once wrote in a letter.


In recent years, we have performed Jean Sibelius’ music to hundreds of thousands of listeners in Finland, most European countries, the United States, and Asia. We want to transport our audiences to the origins where Sibelius once drew inspiration for his music.


This website enables you to learn more about our Sibelius Inspiration concerts, multimedia concerts, music videos, cultural excursions, recordings, books, and fragrances. We aspire to create all-encompassing experiences for our listeners, and we are privileged to be able to create them together with our team of high level experts: composers, artists, costume designers, parfumeurs, and video artists.
























See you!


Cellist Jussi Makkonen & pianist Nazig Azezian

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