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Sibelius’ best-known songs are heard at cellist Jussi Makkonen and pianist Nazig Azezian’s concert, with many of them now arranged for the cello and piano for the first time ever. The artists’ repertoire includes, among others, Sibelius’ Karelia Suite, Op. 11, arranged for the cello and piano for the first time in history, and Finlandia, Op. 26 that has attracted the critics’ attention in recent years worldwide with its virtuosity and intensity. A rare cello-piano arrangement of Sibelius’ Tempest Suite, Op. 109/2 can also be heard at the concert. The arrangement was found only recently, and it was made by Sibelius’ son-in-law, conductor Jussi Jalas together with the composer maestro himself. Sibelius’ family gave Jussi Makkonen and Nazig Azezian the permission to perform this so far unpublished arrangement in their concerts.In the concert, the artists also tell intriguing details about Sibelius’ life and the compositions heard at the concert, opening the door to the world of classical music also for the listeners that do not frequent concerts.


The Sibelius concert has had well over 300,000 listeners in Finland, and the response abroad has also been very enthusiastic. In recent years, the concert tours have taken the artists several times tothe United States, Canada, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Romania, Moldova, Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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